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Never a real taste of the people will gsduyfbvgdj not put the big all wear the upper part of the body, or are exposed, it embodied in detail in silence. People say, see a girl’s hand can judge whether she was often privileged, see a boy sleeves can judge replica handbags whether he can respect for life. Also, to judge whether a business people have style, his business strategies are clever, to see if he is in some detail shows nobility and good taste. That’s right, we mean whether he used as LV such travel accessories, handbag to documents from the set, nowhere not reflects its master’s delicate and vision are original. Success is a state of mind, is also a kind of heart and the temperament of the hair by state. Milan this month specially for you stand excerpts from LV briefcase and LV bag with a series of commute spell able sense of man series bag bag, however you in appreciation of his briefcase so pay attention to the process of successful experience of gas! 2011 new LV bag with dye-in-the-wood spell able men are the man of the series bag Pursuit vogue and environmental every day you will not find the right tie-in dress, but the worry a bag? In fact, Louis vuitton have can meet your wishes. LV the shoulder bag and Louis Vuitton replica handbag set at a suit, already can hand carry, also can back and a amphibious, environmental protection and fashion anytime and anywhere can convert back method, must pay attention to the fashion you can provide many convenient! 2011 early autumn LV male pack overall, the poetic creation series in the process of LV male bag is rare. But Marc Jacobs’s creative director to indulge Paul Helbers bold and turn to play creativity is because from the past experience that only innovation to create fashion. Believe in addition to these many stories of the background of the male bag outside, the most exciting way to grab an eye modelling the new style of many Taiga bag, messenger package money, and the underlying tie a small blanket cool super have a type of LV bag! LV bag in qiu dong male series recently released by Paul Helbers rule is not as LV male package that Marc Jacobs, like to follow the pattern of the interesting trend transformation. Paul Helbers his series of 2011 autumn winters, seen in the past, is classic the old style, from clothes to bag bag style with concise give priority to the traditional style.

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If you want to buy a brand of bag, and don’t want gsduyfbvgdj to street. It is full of the Logo should designer replica not your first choice LV. Fortunately, LV is good at breaking through to win more consumers’ heart. 2011 qiu dong LV male bag, change the LV aging, LV the checkerboard of traditional material. High-grade leather, concise appearance design. Only on the LV bag small fonts it to let people know the from LV. LV of the classic design always get rid of deep color of the cortex, the steady money color design. But it is this conservative, make it survive for more than a century, but also as a year of moet hennessy Louis vuitton (LVMH) the main force of earnings. What exactly is the power to let it so stubborn? What exactly is it so appealing to charm? LV female bag, LV bag of the birth of the male has 100 sight, towards cheaps bags online another belongs to its new century of the summer, specially launched the combination of a variety of simple elements of fashion bags. The design of simple design using simple philosophy is the best annotation of the travel. Since 1854, the first LV bag travel leather goods stores since its opening in Paris, a landmark the brand story starts. After a century and a half, the famous French brand with unique design, process traditional excellence and have high decent is famous for its customers, and will travel and life together into a has artistic taste. LV 11 qiu dong elegant style restoring ancient ways is revealed, and dark brown handbag is show men composed, and hard working side. Colour with slightly gray cloud tonal, expresses the elegant feeling. Paris, France local time on August 10,, LV’s official website released last week show in Paris of 2011 LV male bag. LV male package design director Paul Helbers with his recent designer handbags travel east for inspiration, asked to name famous tattoo art design with Chinese series of Scott Campbell classical impression of the mysterious totem, representative of the dragon, clouds, such as the classical Chinese totem elements, scrutiny and Louis vuitton legendary Monogram printing stealth among them, this kind of totem appeared in the men’s bags, classical Damier Graphite bags, or even a model body coloured drawing or pattern, with the brand of the same work fine with elegant style, Louis vuitton that interweave this season the new era of stateless attire.

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Every luxury has its own connotation, every luxury brand behind belong to his own moving story, every a founder gsduyfbvgdj have given brand the unique brand culture.Experiencing every brand culture, reading the story behind the brand, we are from here. NO. 1 Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) : elegant temperament of Paris LV Louis vuitton is the best in the history of France one of the giants of leather design. In Paris in 1854, opened in my name between first suitcase store. A century later, Louis. Vuitton suitcase and leather goods leading become brand, and become the high handbags for sales society a symbols. Now Louis. Vuitton this one brand is not limited to design and sold without the high-grade leather and bags, but to become involved in fashion, decorations, leather shoes, LV female bag, jewelry, watches, media and wines and other areas of the giant tidal source index. NO. 2 CHANEL (CHANEL) : timeless classic Founder Gab rie lle Chanel Chanel in 1913 in Paris, France founded the Chanel, sweet nai the product cheap handbags variety never a single, clothing, jewelry and accessories, cosmetics, perfume, female bag and so on, each kind of product are known green green, especially her perfume and fashion, the Chanel (Chanel) is a 80 years experience of the famous brand, the Chanel fashion is always succinct, elegant, beautiful style. NO. 3 Gucci (Gucci) : identity and symbol of wealth Gucci, the Italian fashion brand, by Gucci Mr Gucci in 1921 in Florence to run. Gucci products containing fashion, leather goods, shoes, watch, tie, silk scarves, perfume, the wild things and pet supplies, and Chinese translation for gucci, gucci. Gucci brand ancient costume is consistent with senior, costly, sexy and well-known in the world, with “of the identity and fortune symbol” brand image into the high society for rich fashion the darling, has always been business circles personage all along, fashionable more than the gentle. Gucci had is Italy’s biggest fashion group. NO. 4 Versace (fan saizhe) : Italy Italy’s costly classic was founded in 1978, the brand logo is the myth of the snake demon “degrees Sally (Medusa), represents a deadly call gravity. Fan saizhe design style is impressively, is peculiar aesthetic feeling extremely strong artistic pioneer, emphasize the fun and sexy, and brought the heart to often open to below the louis vuitton purse waist, stylist antagonism leaving the classical style of luxury, noble and beautiful, female bag and clothes and comfortable enough to consider appropriate display size. Fan saizhe good at take noble luxurious fabric, borrow to help cut on the bias method, making high quality clothing. NO. 5 FENDI (FENDI) : Rome, Italy (1925) FENDI achieve miraculous FENDI repeatedly, the French brand. In 1925, officially established in Rome brand FENDI, specially produce high quality fur 1955 for the first time held FENDI fashion announced it would, then the private company gradually back strong, business to expand the scope of knitting clothing, swimsuits, price low garment etc category, and even jewelry, such as perfume for male, but still with its fur FENDI brand of clothing in the fashion industry enjoys high reputation in the world.

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Recently, Louis Vuitton held in Malaysia Kuala Lumpur in 2011 chun xia conference, art director Marc Jacobs and the famous American gsduyfbvgdj pop culture artist Richard Prince louis vuitton handbags sale cooperation, make chun xia diffuse strong contemporary art atmosphere, no matter with clothing and accessories deconstruction and fashionable taste, coloring and lively and bright, with full of chun xia young atmosphere. Appear in Richard Prince nurse in the painting pack, leather bag fittings to fit into one of his most famous smudgy graffiti, stamping and comic rendering technique such as. Because after the formalities shall be 17 out of, and the amount is less, the price is more expensive. Pink ostrich skin hard box Speedy new fund for chun xia set limit to commodities; Watercolor (watercolour) series hard box Papillon, screen printing louis vuitton outlet store uk technology to create Watercolor effect; Jokes (joke package) series will fade canvas screen printing 70 s popular newspaper surface joke words; Richard Prince for LV design of chun xia 6 new handbag, subversion Monogram classic, become bold grab an eye, and refreshing, including chun xia advocate hit Watercolor, Jokes, After, Dark, Shiny, embroidery Motard and limit Cartoons series, even the heat of his Speedy for many years and transformed into a box, with similar doctor new feature package. Among them a set limit to LV bag with fine embroidered on Ricahrd Prince comic manuscript, and interpretation of the master humor taste. ChenJiuGan canvas bag with metal parts and leather frills dye-in-the-wood handsome; Matisse purple printing canvas bag; LV chun xia accessories, with cherubim comic face bag design, global set limit to package money. LV2011 chun xia female outfit with “big city after dark” pertaining to emphasize without boundary day and night, can be installed on the day of the evening wear, and from Richard Prince works rip inspiration, to turn into full of deconstruction means the layer of the designer handbag sale stack of gauze bead piece dress, and bright color of the powerful figure eucalyptus works. Shoes series also throughout the day and night regardless of idea, dinner daily wear shoe can be, and the clothing series bright-coloured colour and deconstruction reconstruction concept echo. LV way of doing that is to do his own brand, to stick to your own brand spirit, do different things, to provide you a real cultural thing, and then is to have more understand LV bag LV of attention to Louis vuitton products, welcome those who have not spending, but have the consumer consciousness or for the attention of a product of high culture, may one day have the choice of ability, will be the first time to choose the Louis vuitton.

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LV this for more than 150 years designed for making travel bags of nobility of traditional veteran, now already gsduyfbvgdj is leather industry in fashion frontier of the front-runner. Each handbag wholesale season on the eve of the new products on the market, it is also the Paris fashion fans the store in line all night long ago in time, since 1854, has been advocating a delicate, the LV quality, comfortable “travel philosophy”, as the starting point of the design basis. The launch of the tourist products, handbags and accessories series, and constantly show the modern fashion excellence innovation. ? Founded in 1958, Lockit handbag is low-key classic play, but no doubt has become press an axis. The spotlight of the LockIT bag lock and key ring particularly striking, do not know which hid secret how? This season has four handbag design choice: Lockit hand bag (with the symbol of the handcuffs, the hostess bag complex type bracelet), small designer handbags cheap Lockit BB handbags, classic Lockit handbags and large handbag Lockit Voyage reminiscent of the first portable bags series origin. The most familiar Monogram canvas be reinterpreted, line dazzle bright lustre of coat of paint, ponder dumb light shine and in between. Make Locki handbag named in the padlock Monogram packages, key ring is compose with ivory resin, subtle contrast present quietly. 2011 qiu dong Paris fashion week, Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton)’s shows to the unique woman flavour let a person shine at the moment, fancy-free girl flavour and mature atmospheric ripe female temperament are in the design of LV show adequately. Absorbed designer replica handbags in the s and 60 s a yellow FengYao and round skirt design let people move not to open view of luxury bag dumping more beings. LV bags, has always been a ladies adored acura, now let us come taste of 2011 autumn winters is the perfection of LV bag woman taste it. This series in the s and 60 s fashion show classic film “god created woman” in the heroine and more-bree jeter modelling for inspiration, nostalgic style elegant and fair maiden like the noble and elegant blend, exciting unceasingly. And one of the bag design is a large window, no matter be traditional cortical or costly PI cao fabrics, Marc Jacobs can blend in LV female bag of the classic element, again with unique technique to design the unique the costly female bag.